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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Miss you guys ;)

Hi everybody :)
I have to say BIG sorry for advent calendar. I tried to do more than I could. December was really crazy, because of school things, christmas mood, new friends and filming of my music video. Want to see it? Here you go:

Full video on january 26th :) So yeah sorry for advent calendar fiasco :/

I know I always  say "I'm back" and always screw everything up. This time I'm not promising anything. I'll just try to back to sims, couse I really miss it, but I didn't have much time to create, because my bodyshop was loading about 1 hour, the game itself - 1,5 hour. Sometimes i really wanted to create, but wait 2,5 hours to make something....... I can't stand it. But I gave up on my old downloads folder and slowly growing up my new one. So now it takes about 3 minutes to load bodyshop and about 5-10 minutes to load game, + my computer works faster. So YAY to me :)

Another thing, I'll start using adblue.us. Yeah I know what you think "Omg, another creator went that way"
Why? of course for some money. Many creators uses it and looks like they doing very well with it and earns a lot of money. I feel like I deserved some reward for my hard work. I know it looks like "turn on BS, load project, chop hair picture on texture, done" But I really try very hard to make hairs look good andsome of them really hard to put up with. I put all my heart in it to make everything look perfect and wait 5 seconds to download is such a small time comparing on how much i spend it by doing hair textures.
I know there are some dangerous ads in it, but if you have antivirus program and ad blocker for your browser, you shouldn't worry about that. (You can find ad blocker by taping "ad blocker" in google, and choose the one for your browser :))

If you still have some questions, don't hestitate to ask here, in comments :)

See you soon with one hair retexture :)

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