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more than 95 000 downloads in mediafire
more than 115 000 visits on my new website
more than 6000 downloads on Skysims 010 retexture

WOW love you guys (^~^)

Thanks for everybody who added my banner to they websites, follow me or upload my updates in other sites.

Thank you for helping me improve my website ^^

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Monday, May 28, 2012

May 2012 Special Gift

Saturday, May 26, 2012

many things to say ;)


1st. Today I went to peegyzone and was completely amazed. THEY PUBLISHED NEW HAIR.

WOW. But question where I can get them?

2nd thing.  What happened to mustbedetroyed.com domain? I mean them used Simscave, sunsetsims and paysites. I NEED THEM ALL. I will try to contact sunsetsims andmin.

3rd thing. AS many of you noticed I started to use ity.im link shortener. I know that you guys don't like these things, but i very need money at the moment. Also I think I worth at least a few cents for my work and wait a few seconds to download my things ;) BUT please do not click on advertisements under download bar, they can have viruses. but if you won't touch anything there, everything will be fine.

If you know something, please write comment ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Newsea J051f Born This Way retexture reupload

Hi guys,

remember this hair?

It's only hair which have so many downloads. More than 1700 :)

Glad to see this hair in other simmers pictures and video, so I reupload it here again, because it's gone from my old website.

Enjoy (I also made new previews) ^^