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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi guys
As you see I'm totally not o active as I used to be.
But recently I started to make CC again, but I will upload it on my tumblr.
Why? Blogger gt bored to me. I come here only to check my blog, but that's it and that log in thing is annoying, I have to sign in everytime I do something (this is not my main accaount)
In tumbler I spend hours and it's my main accaount, so sharing will be much more easier. Also, most of you probably have account there too, so by following you will get newest stuff first :)

My new blog: http://bluedolphinsims.tumblr.com/

And new texture is waiting there:
This blog will also be available, so you can still download stuff you like ;)

See you there ;)

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