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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Newsea J083f ColorOfWind retexture

Mesh is included
File size - 7.52Mb


  1. Hi! I've just discovered your work and I will certainly come back for more :-) Great job with these retextures. By the way, do you happen to remember where you got the eye color and lipstick on the blonde Sim (first picture)? She's gorgeous, too ;-)

    1. Thank you. About sim, Idk where from eyes and lipstick. This preview by my partner.

  2. thanks :)... happend to remember where u got the glasses the blond in the first pic is wearing, i would love to have them!

  3. Hi! This is LuLu. I hope it's okay to reply here. I haven't been around for a long time because of school. I know this is super late but...

    "Anonymous #1": The eyes are made by me. I thought I already gave them to Raigiux to upload but maybe I didn't. (I'm super forgetful) But I had a few requests for them so I'll get around to uploading them on my blog in the future. The lipstick I think is by Ephemera and I put a teeth makeup layer over it.

    "Anonymous #2:" There was a simscave WCIF for this...The glasses came from a Naver blog. I don't remember the creator exactly, but I think it might've been Hawk. But she took down all her files rcently -_-... The next time I have time I'll go through my downloads and find out for sure, OK? ^^

  4. I saw this hair on sims3, but couldn't find it for 2. anyway, thanks for it


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